Sag Rod/ Brace Rod/ Tie Rod

Discover durable, precision-engineered sag rods for tension and brace rods for compression, ensuring structural stability.

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Sag rods and brace rods are indispensable components in structural engineering, providing crucial support and stability to various constructions. At Vidhya Ispat Udyog, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality sag rods and brace rods engineered to withstand tension and compression forces, respectively, ensuring structural integrity in diverse applications.

Our sag rods are meticulously crafted from premium-grade materials to offer exceptional strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Designed to counteract gravitational forces and prevent excessive deflection in bridges, buildings, and industrial structures, our sag rods guarantee reliable performance in demanding environments.

Complementing our sag rods, our brace rods are engineered to withstand compressive loads, providing crucial reinforcement and lateral stability to structures. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our brace rods ensure optimal support and resilience, enhancing the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and industrial installations.

Available in various sizes, lengths, and finishes, our sag rods and brace rods offer versatility and adaptability to meet diverse project requirements. Whether for standard applications or custom-designed solutions, Vidhya Ispat Udyog delivers products that meet the highest quality standards, ensuring safety and reliability in every project. Trust us for superior sag rods and brace rods that provide essential support and stability for your structures.


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    Sag Rod/ Brace Rod/ Tie Rod

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